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What is The Mental Conditioning Playbook?

It is NOT just a cliché pile of theory & fluff. 

It is NOT just another "positive thinking" book - though it will help you think more clearly.

It is NOT popular motivational quotes - though it will help you motivate yourself more than ever before.

It is NOT a long boring book with useless information.

The Mental Conditioning Playbook is About ACTION!

Why is this playbook so valuable? 

Because this IS a playbook about mentally working out to regain self-control, perform more consistently, and improve your relationships with those around you...no matter what challenges you are facing!

If you've ever been frustrated by inconsistency, losing control, letting others down, or letting yourself down...This is the playbook you've been looking for!


Proven principles in an easy to implement playbook.

Form powerful habits with simple mental conditioning exercises.

Unlock your potential by tapping into power that already exists inside of you.

Who Is Sam Nott?
Sam helps athletes perform more consistently, overcome mental barriers, and gain a competitive edge.

After struggle with the mental side of performance himself as a Div I athlete, when his playing career ended he coached 360 days a year for 5 years, coaching 17,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions.

He's realized that sports preparation is becoming increasingly scientific...

Athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before...AND working on the mental side is the biggest way in which an elite performer can separate themselves.

He now works directly with high school, college, professional, and Olympic level athletes and coaches.

As a business owner and passionate dog owner, he bases his entire life on one principle...the ancient Greeks called it ARETE...which means striving towards excellence in all areas of life.
The Story Behind
The Mental Conditioning Playbook...
TikTok just started getting popular.

For years I had resisted sharing much on social media because I was sick of seeing people artificially show the "best" parts of their life.

Until I looked at things with a little different perspective and started seeing athletes interested in changing their mindset so they could perform better.

The comments and DM's slowly started to come in...

And it really opened my eyes to a worldwide problem.

I knew I struggled mentally and emotionally as an athlete, having played Division I baseball...

And could see it in others becoming a baseball coach and now helping athletes in 11 different countries and 18 different sports.

I started to realize how OPEN people were to talk about the challenges on the mental side of sports. I knew it was always a factor...Not to the magnitude I was now witnessing.

Then it really got amplified with COVID. 

The real inspiration came when the people on TikTok showed me there wasn't enough practical help available.

When I talk to athletes I ask them...
"What percentage of your success in your sport is comes from the mental side?" Most say more than 50% (it's more like 90%).

Yet if I asked you, how much time do you work on your mental game?

Most wouldn't have much to say... AND that's a problem!

You know the drills or exercises to do physically...

You condition yourself physically...And leave the mental side to chance?

Or we think that a few "positive thinking" quotes will do the trick?

I created this easy to read playbook as a way to condition your mind. 

Hopefully the following story doesn't continue to repeat...

Does this sound familiar?

The athlete works hard...Puts in time, energy, and effort, only to lose control, never accomplishing what they wanted, and feeling like they let others down along the way.

When you look around, you realize there is not a single person that wants their athletic career to end because they couldn't figure out the mental side...

I made a commitment to myself that "I'm going to create a simple playbook to teach athletes how to condition themselves mentally" and I present to you this playbook.

The Playbook was written without a ghostwriter, impressive words, or a bunch of theory.

Forgive me in advance for its simplicity. I hope to make better athletes out of this small playbook - not another book on theory or cliché motivational stories.

I am not trying to impress you with what I have accomplished in my life or how much I know.

The reality is, what I have discovered and used myself is very simple and that is why I know it will work for you.

I want to help you reach a level of trust and confidence in yourself every time you compete. If you believe that you deserve to be that person ---


-- Sam Nott

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Darius Fleming
 NFL - New England Patriots

Will Arndt
CFL - Edmonton Elks

Dom Barber
 NFL - Houston Texans

How Do You Actually Work On The Mental Game?

This isn't just some pie in the sky theory. You get useful exercises to "condition" your mind.

Just like you condition yourself physically...the same is true for your mind. No amount of physical training will eliminate the thoughts and emotions that cripple us. 

Most of us treat our minds like a hard drive that we download information and we just "get it." 

In reality, our mind works more like a muscle that needs constant conditioning...that is why I give you simple exercises to have more consistent successes. 

I teach you...
  • ​How To Overcome The Anxiety That is Stopping You From Playing To Your Full Potential!
  • How to Get Over Mistakes Quickly So That You Can Get Your Head Back In The Game!
  • ​What Really Causes You To Under-Perform...And How To Fix It!​
  • The Predictable Ways To Separate Yourself From Your Competition With The Mental Game!
  • ​Discover How To Complete One Moment At A Time & Re-focus When Things Don't Go Your Way!
  • Start Using Actual Straight Forward Mental Strategies & Skills NOT Theory And Fluff!
  • ​How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others In Ways That Sabotage Your Performances!
  • How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts & Feelings In 5 Minutes Or Less!
  • ​Stop Panicking & Blaming Yourself And Focus On What Is Controllable!
  • Stop Getting Super Nervous & Draining Your Own Energy!
  • ​The ONE CRITICAL Step Athletes Forget To Eliminate Mental Blocks Like Overthinking & Anxiety!
  • Stop Being A "Practice Player" And Actually Bring Your Skills To The Game​!​
  • ​Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors With Your Mental Conditioning!
  • ​Learn How To Quickly Regain Control When You Start To Self-Sabotage!
  • Stop Feeling Like You Are Letting Others Down By Not "Playing Well Enough."​
  • Discover How To Stop Being Dominated By Your Competitors & Regain Self-Control!​
  • ​Use Quick And Easy Ways To Manage Your Nerves...Even If You Are A Disaster Right Now!
  • The #1 Way To Get Your Thinking Out Of The Past And Stop Playing With Guilt & Shame​!
  • ​How To Deal With The Fear From Coaches, Losses, Teammates, And Opponents!
  • Strategies To Overcome Anxiety And Nerves That Prevent You From Performing Like You Are Capable Of!
  • Straight Forward ​Techniques For Actually Dealing With Stress & Fear!
  • Learn The Fundamental Mental Exercises To Condition Your Mind For Success!
  • ​How To Thrive And Grow From "Slumps!"
  • How To Stop Self-Sabotaging & Play Up To Your Own Standards!
Important features of the booklet:
  • Players: Understand how the mental game works in detail. Gain strategies and exercises to "condition" your mind so that you compete with more control, you accomplish more consistently, & inspire others along the way. 
  • Coaches: Get concepts, techniques, and exercises to use with your own team for enhanced performance, self-control, & a better culture. Never feel like you don't have the time or "know how" to work on the mental game with your team. 
  • Parents: Gain insight into what it takes to compete at a high level and direct the conversations with your child to what they are actually experiencing and not just their stats. 
Here's What To Do Next
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Your Life Is About To Change!
Here’s something else I want you to know. I sincerely want to help you!

Maybe you feel like you've hit a roadblock... or you are looking for an edge to stay ahead of of your competition.

It doesn't matter.

I believe we can all do and be more...and I know that is you or you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't serious about making a change.

And because you're serious, I want to do everything I can to put these strategies in your hands...because I know they're going to work for you.

I want to give you this power... and all I want you to do is just cover the shipping cost of the book. 

I just want you to pay the shipping so I know you're serious and that when you get this book, you'll open it, read it, and use it (because you got a few bucks of skin in the game).

So if you'll do that, I guarantee this book will change your life… just like learning what I’ll reveal to you in the pages of the book changed my life.

Now it's your turn to discover the strategies to use to play more consistently, regain control, achieve more, and inspire others!

Time To Get Off Your Butt...

Here's why...
We've only printed 1,000 copies of this book. Just as in life, if you snooze you lose.

The last book - and this page - could go at any time.

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I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book. If it’s not everything you hope it will be, I’ll return your postage fee. You can even keep the book.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. Let me know how your life changed as a result of not only reading this book, but taking action on it. 

Together, we can change more than your performances. 

Together, we can change the world.

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